LYNX Home Page

The Home page is your initial landing page after logging into LYNX. It provides general System Setup information and a “System Health Monitor” used to monitor the status (“health”) of the LYNX system.

Image: LYNX Home page

Update Version Message

If you get this message when you log in, “A new version of the LYNX application is available. Please update your local application as soon as possible,” contact CollegeNET Technical Support for assistance in updating to the latest version of LYNX.

System Setup

The System Setup area of the Home page provides information about the LYNX environment you’re using, including:

  • SIS—Banner, Campus Solutions, Colleague, Workday, Ethos Universal (SIS name), etc.
  • SIS Tenant ID (Workday only)
  • 25Live System Time Zone—The system time zone of your Series25 system
  • SIS Source Time Zone—The system time zone of your SIS instance
  • 25Live Target—The instance of 25Live being accessed by the Interface
  • Local Application Version—The version of your LYNX java application (not applicable to API integrations)
Disabled Process Message

On very rare occasions, you may see a notification that one or more LYNX back-end processes—data initialization, SIS or 25Live data synchronization, import, export—have been disabled because a problem with the process was detected. When the process is again enabled, refresh your browser to remove the notification.

System Health Monitor

The System Health Monitor area of the Home page provides information about the “health” of the LYNX system (for example “APP OK”).

Below this, it displays the last four LYNX system activity messages, and, for each, whether it is an informational message of system activity or a warning or error related to system functioning.

To View All System Messages

Click the "View All Messages" button to see the complete list of messages. From there, you can use the navigation controls below the list to find and display the messages you’re interested in. You can also sort the list by clicking the heading you want to sort by. For example, to sort the list so Error messages are displayed first, click the Level heading.

LYNX System Health Monitor messagesImage: LYNX System Health Monitor messages