LYNX for Workday Integration

The LYNX Interface facilitates the bi-directional flow of academic-related data between the Workday tenant and 25Live. Since LYNX integrates directly with the Workday API, there is no installation required.

The only setup needed is:

  1. Create an Integration System User (ISU) account for API requests
  2. Create the Student Transaction Log Outbound Connector for change detection
  3. Configure the Workday API endpoint and ISU credentials in LYNX
  4. (Optional) Create a custom Workday report to update registered headcount

For more information about the architecture of the Series25-Workday LYNX Interface see the diagram below or read our article on architecture and workflow.

Set up Test and Production Separately

To complete your setup of LYNX for Workday, don't forget to configure both your test and production instances to separate Workday tenants!

The test LYNX instance needs to connect to a test Workday tenant, and the production instance needs to connect to a production tenant.

Each tenant will need an ISU account with the appropriate permissions.

Diagram depicting connections via LYNX among Workday tenant, CollegeNET servers, and end user.Image: Diagram depicting connections via LYNX among Workday tenant, CollegeNET servers, and end-user.

Tip: Import/Export Exams (Assessments) 

To be able to import exams (assessments) into 25Live and export any data back to Workday. See LYNX for Workday - Assessments/Exam Import/Export for more.

Need a Feature?

If you run across something you feel is missing as you test the integration between Workday and LYNX, please email our support team at with the details. If the request is something that needs to be accommodated by Workday rather than CollegeNET, we may ask you to file an enhancement request with Workday and provide us with the ticket number.