LYNX for Workday - Assessments/Exam Import/Export

Series25 LYNX for Workday can import and export exams, which are called "Scheduled Assessments" in Workday. 

To Use Assessment/Exam Import/Export

1. Ensure the ISU Account Has Proper Security Policies

Your ISU (Integration System User) account needs to be set up with the proper domain security policies to import and export to LYNX. If it doesn't already, make sure the policy to access APIs:

  • Get_Scheduled_Assessments
  • Put_Scheduled_Assessment

These need to be set to "Manage: Section Data".

2. Contact CollegeNET Support

CollegeNET Series25 Technical Support needs to enable assessment/exam import/export for your instance(s). Contact to request this. 

3. Initialize Course Section Data

Your next step is to try to initialize course section data for a term. 

Because Workday's Get_Scheduled_Assessments service is not filterable by term code, all exams for all sections across all terms will be initialized in the Series25 database by LYNX. Please note that only exams for the initialized term will kick off an automatic import to 25Live.

4. Set Up Initialization

There is no change detection for exams in Workday. The Student Transaction Log Outbound connector only tracks changes to course sections. Exam data has to be kept in sync by manually initializing a term or enabling auto initialization for a term.

Tip: Finding Scheduled Assessments (Exams) in Workday

To view and edit scheduled assessments, search for "Maintain Scheduled Assessments" in Workday.

Additional Notes to Keep in Mind

Exam Import Export SettingsImage: Choose whether to import/export exams/assessments as profiles or related events.

  • A section in Workday can have multiple exams. If exams are created as separate, related events in 25Live, LYNX imports all exams as a single event with profiles for each exam.
  • Exams in Workday support multiple location assignments. LYNX only supports a single location on exams for import/export. If an exam has multiple locations in Workday, only one location will be imported, and only one location will be retained on export.