LYNX Database Integration - Colleague (UniData)

The Series25 LYNX Interface uses a database integration to connect to any student information system which is hosted locally on an institution's servers.

The integration has two parts:

  1. A series of custom tables that track historical changes to SIS data
  2. The LYNX-APP, a lightweight Java application that exchanges data between those tables and the hosted Series25 database

The Colleague UniData integration also involves making configurations in your Colleague database as well as an application to synchronize this database with the one where the LYNX history tables are deployed.

Download Installation Files

To begin the integration, download the file at (Contact CollegeNET support for credentials.)

Extract the file into a convenient location. You will refer to different subdirectories of this folder throughout the following steps of the installation.

Once you have downloaded these files, follow the steps below to complete the installation. These steps are also listed on the righthand sidebar of every page in this section.



Prepare the Colleague UniData database

Configuring the Colleague UniData Environment For LYNX

Deploy LYNX history tables in a new MSS database

Deploying LYNX History Tables for Colleague UniData

Synchronize the local databases

Connecting Colleague and LYNX History Tables With CNColleagueLYNXLink

Synchronize with the hosted Series25 environmentInstalling the LYNX-APP

Upgrading your integration

Some customers may have followed these instructions to install an earlier version of the CNColleagueLYNXLink connector. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version with these instructions: Upgrading the UniData LYNX Integration From a Previous Version.