LYNX-APP Installation for Windows

This page will help you install the LYNX-APP (LYNX Application Component) in a Windows environment. Follow the steps in order and contact email Series25 Support or your assigned LYNX support analyst for assistance.

See LYNX-APP Installation for Linux.

Requirements for Installation:

  • These instructions should be completed by your school's qualified Windows Systems Administrator.
  • Ensure you have prepared your SIS database by deploying the necessary tables for database integration.
  • The target server may need to be restarted during this process for installation to complete successfully.

Java and Network Requirements

  • Review Series25 Technical Specifications
  • Ensure your target server for this installation is running a suitable version of Java.
    • Java 8, 11, 15, or 17 (32-bit or 64-bit) is currently supported.
    • Use Java 8 32-bit if you are installing the LYNX-APP component on the same server as one or more TCS Interface components.
    • Use Java 11, 15 or 17 if planning on encrypting passwords using Jasypt (see "Consider Encrypting Configuration Passwords" section below.)
  • You may use the Oracle commercial distribution of Java (this may incur licensing fees) or the OpenJDK distribution of Java.
  • Ensure your target server can communicate with your SIS database through the desired JDBC port.
  • Ensure your target server can communicate with CollegeNET's LYNX WebServices ( ... SSL / port 443 )
    • If your target server must use a proxy server to reach LYNX WebServices, this can be configured (more on this later).

Retrieve Installation File

Consider Deployment Options

  • Consider two options:
    • Install the Production LYNX-APP on the same server as the Test LYNX-APP.
    • Install the Production LYNX-APP on a separate server from the Test LYNX-APP.
  • If you install Prod and Test on the same server, you will need to install the LYNX-APP folder twice. Example:
    • C:\LYNX-APP-Test
    • C:\LYNX-APP-Prod
    • In this case, run through the instructions below twice, once for each application instance. You will need to update a file for each instance.
  • It may be advisable to update for each instance even if they are on different servers, as this will result in more clear labeling in the Windows Services panel.

Copy Files

  • Create a suitable installation target for the application. Example:
  • C: drive installations are common, but you may also use a separate volume if this is preferred. Example:


  • Unzip application files from into the target directory.

Update Configuration

  • Navigate to the ~\LYNX-APP\config\ folder.
  • Open the file with a text editor for editing.
    • Update the following attributes to match the desired instance name. Examples:
      • wrapper.console.title=LYNX-APP-TEST
      • wrapper.ntservice.displayname=LYNX-APP-TEST
  • Save the file and exit.
  • Open the file with a text editor for editing.
    • Update this file with values for your instance.
    • LYNX-url-prefix=
    • LYNX-instance-id= (Contact Product Support for this value)
    • LYNX-username= (Contact Product Support for this value)
    • LYNX-password= (Contact Product Support for this value)
    • db-url=
      • Example Oracle string:
      • db-url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@//server:port/service_name OR db-url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@server:port:SID
      • Example Microsoft SQL Server string:
      • db-url=jdbc:sqlserver://;DatabaseName=LYNX
    • db-username=
    • db-password=
  • If you will use a proxy server to reach LYNX WebServices, configure this now.

Install LYNX-APP Service

  • Launch the Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe) using Run as administrator
  • Navigate to the ~\LYNX-APP\bat directory (example)
    cd C:\LYNX-APP-TEST\bat\
  • Run installService.bat
  • Review output and ensure there is a success message:

    Service LYNX-APP-TEST installed
    Press any key to continue . . .

  • Press any key to continue.
  • Visit the Windows Services panel (Start >> Services) to ensure the LYNX-APP service was successfully installed.
  • When ready, start the LYNX-APP service. 
    • If you receive an error message similar to the following, restart the server and try to start the service again:
      • "Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified."
  • LYNX-APP may start correctly, but stop itself if there is an error, such as a network connectivity error.

    • Ensure the process is still running after a few moments.

    • If LYNX does not start correctly, check the ~\LYNX-APP\logs\ folder to investigate possible causes.

Review LYNX Dashboard

  • If LYNX-APP starts correctly and continues to run, verify the LYNX Dashboard web page indicates "APP OK" and no errors are presented.
    • Example:<instance-name>

Consider Encrypting Configuration Passwords

  • You may wish to encrypt the passwords in your file.
  • Test any additional steps in Test first.