LYNX API Integration

The Series25 LYNX Interface uses an API integration to connect to a student information system that is hosted in the cloud rather than locally on an institution's servers.

Currently, LYNX supports SIS with an API integration Workday with integration with Ellucian Ethos is actively underway.

LYNX for Workday or LYNX for Ethos

To implement the API integration between LYNX and Workday or Ethos, you'll need to perform some setup in your Workday tenant. Apply the configurations detailed in the following pages, then enter your Workday API credentials into LYNX.

LYNX for Workday Integration Overview

LYNX for Ethos Integration

Implementation steps for Workday:

  1. Configuring the Integration System User for Workday
  2. Create the Student Transaction Log Outbound Connector for change detection
  3. Configure the Workday API endpoint and ISU credentials in LYNX
  4. (Optional) Create a custom Workday report to update registered headcount