Logging In to LYNX

To sign in to LYNX, first sign in to 25Live. You can use the same credentials to authenticate to multiple applications at once.

  1. Sign in to 25Live using your user’s credentials.
  2. Open the More menu in the upper right.
  3. Look for LYNX in the "Go to Tool" section.
  4. Use the link to be redirected to LYNX to be automatically signed in.
    25Live Pro > More > Go To Tool > LYNXImage: Access LYNX from the 25Live More menu under Go To Tool

Security Requirements

If your institution has a single LYNX instance, an administrator must give you proper permissions to see the LYNX link in the “Go to Tool” menu in other Series applications. You must have "4.0 - Access to LYNX Tool" enabled in Series25 Group Administration.

Permissions to access Series25 toolsImage: Permissions to access Series25 tools for institutions with a single LYNX instance.

If your institution has multiple LYNX instances (such as for different campuses or schools within a district), you will need to reach out to Series Technical Support (support@collegenet.com) for help with LYNX user creation to see the link in the menu.

The login experience for LYNX will be the same for both user types after permissions and/or setup is complete.