Locations by Time Report

The Locations by Time report shows how groups of locations are occupied at different times. 

Use this report to see the percentage of time rooms/locations are in use and how room usage varies over the course of the day.

Questions the Locations by Time report can help answer include:

  • How are locations actually used over the course of a day?
  • Are there peak periods of usage, and do they vary by location capacity?
  • Are there discernible patterns in how classes are being scheduled over time?
  • Are we really running out of space, or is existing space not being used optimally?
    locations by time reportImage: Locations by Time report

Report Settings

  • Group By determines how locations are divided into different charts: by their buildings, controlling organizations, or the breakpoint list selected below.
  • Sort By determines whether locations groups are sorted by name (breakpoint size), by the number of individual occurrences (meetings) assigned to each, or by the total number of locations in each.
  • Order toggles the sort display in ascending or descending order.
  • Chart Size offers two options for how groups are displayed in the report:
    • Page Fit: charts are shrunk to a scale where all are visible on the same page
    • Full Size: charts are larger, requiring you to scroll to see more
  • Breakpoints: A range of capacities defined by a comma-separated list. This can be entered manually or selected from predefined breakpoint lists. (e.g. if you enter 20, 30, 100 then there will be bars for events with capacity from 0-20, 21-29, 30-99, and 100+.)
    • Custom breakpoints entered manually will be temporarily saved and can be selected again until the report is reloaded.
  • When ticked, the Exclude groups with no utilization checkbox will filter out charts that have no data due to the associated groups having no room utilization

Reading the Report

  • The X-axis shows the times of day within the specified time range.
  • The Y-axis shows the average room usage at each point in time for the specified days as a percentage of available days.
  • The single, horizontal green line on each graph indicates the average room usage in room days for all rooms in that grouping.
  • The gray shading visible behind the usage data shows the critical time range.

Assessing the Report Results

  • What does the report show you about room usage patterns?
  • Are any of the results unexpected?