Location Inventory Report

The Location Inventory report presents the snapshot's locations in a bar chart that can be grouped and sorted without considering any assignments to events.

This report is a quick way to see the total number of locations available in your snapshot based on several characteristics.

Questions that the Location Distribution report can help answer include:

  • How many rooms do you have of each size?
  • What size classrooms do you have the most of? The fewest?
  • What's the dispersion of department-controlled vs. centrally scheduled classrooms?
  • Is the inventory a good match for what you know of class/event sizes and curriculum needs?

A bar chart showing the total capacities of all locations in each buildingImage: Location Inventory report.

Report Settings

The values displayed in the bar chart are influenced by several settings:

  • Sort By orders the bars are according to the names of each group or their total size.
  • Group By determines what group of locations each bar of the chart represents.
    • All: Every location in one bar
    • Individual Room: Every location, separated by room
    • Organization: The "owner" of the location (determined by the custom location attribute "X25 Owner Organization" in 25Live).
    • Capacity: The maximum capacity of the location (no layout capacity considered).
    • Building: The location's building.
    • Room Use Code: The code for the location's "room type", typically matching FICM (Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual) standards.
    • Partition: The location's partition.
    • Breakpoints: Standard:  Determined by predefined breakpoint lists for capacity.
  • Size By sets what the size of each bar on the chart measures, either the number of locations in a group or their total capacity. The chart's axis automatically scales appropriately.
  • Orientation arranges the bars from top to bottom or left to right.
  • Limit: Determines how many groups of events appear as bars in the report.  
    • Selecting Show Top Residual or Show Bottom Residual will display the top/bottom remaining groups, combined into a single bar

Reading the Report

Report data is displayed in bar chart format:

  • One axis shows the total room inventory supply, measured as the total number of locations or their total capacity.
  • The other axis shows the locations in the snapshot. They can be grouped in several different ways, described above.

Assessing the Report Results

  • What's the report showing you about room supply?
  • What's unexpected about your results?
  • Does your inventory match your expectations and what you know of class requirements?