Location Inventory Report

The Location Inventory report presents the snapshot's locations in a bar chart that can be grouped and sorted without considering any assignments to events.

This report is a quick way to see the total number of locations available in your snapshot based on several characteristics.

Questions that the Location Distribution report can help answer include:

  • How many rooms do you have of each size?
  • What size classrooms do you have the most of? The fewest?
  • What's the dispersion of department-controlled vs. centrally scheduled classrooms?
  • Is the inventory a good match for what you know of class/event sizes and curriculum needs?

A bar chart showing the total capacities of all locations in each buildingImage: Location Inventory report.

Report Settings

The values displayed in the bar chart are influenced by several settings:

  • Sort By orders the bars are according to the names of each group or their total size.
  • Group By determines what group of locations each bar of the chart represents.
    • All: Every location in one bar
    • Individual Room: Every location, separated by room
    • Organization: The "owner" of the location (determined by the custom location attribute "X25 Owner Organization" in 25Live).
    • Capacity: The maximum capacity of the location (no layout capacity considered).
    • Building: The location's building.
    • Room Use Code: The code for the location's "room type", typically matching FICM (Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual) standards.
    • Partition: The location's partition.
    • Breakpoints: Standard:  Determined by predefined breakpoint lists for capacity.
  • Size By sets what the size of each bar on the chart measures, either the number of locations in a group or their total capacity. The chart's axis automatically scales appropriately.
  • Orientation arranges the bars from top to bottom or left to right.
  • Limit determines how many groups of locations appear as bars in the report, from just the five with the highest values to the full set. Selecting Show Residual combines the remaining groups into a single bar.

Reading the Report

Report data is displayed in bar chart format:

  • One axis shows the total room inventory supply, measured as the total number of locations or their total capacity.
  • The other axis shows the locations in the snapshot. They can be grouped in several different ways, described above.

Assessing the Report Results

  • What's the report showing you about room supply?
  • What's unexpected about your results?
  • Does your inventory match your expectations and what you know of class requirements?