Location Assignments Disappear After Saving

When assigning a location to an event, if the location reservation does not remain after you save the event, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Troubleshooting Steps

Check the Event State

Locations and resources can only be assigned to an event if the event's state is Tentative or Confirmed.  If an event is saved as Draft, all assignments will be saved as preferences.

Check the Assignment Policy

  • In order for a location or resource to be assigned to an event, the assignment policy must have at least one security group with permission to Assign, Unassign, Approve rights for that object.  If no group has that right, the assignment will not stick.

Configure Location Security for Multiple Groups options.Image: Assign, Unassign, Approve rights in the Assignment Policy.

  • If the assignment policy is correct, note that an event can be saved with a location request pending as a task.  If the event form requires a location for an event, that will be satisfied by requesting a room even if you can't directly assign it.

Check Your Browser

Some older web browsers will not work correctly with our software, causing room information to not save properly. Find our browser support information here: Support Information for Third Party Applications

If none of these apply to your affected event, please contact support@collegenet.com