Location and Organization Extract Sets

Before you can run an import for locations or organizations, you must help LYNX determine which should be included. This is referred to as defining an “extract set”, because LYNX extracts data from your SIS based on a set of criteria you give it.

Extract Set Criteria

For locations, LYNX can pull data from your SIS based on any combination of these criteria:

  • Building Code

  • Location Type

  • Specific Location ID

  • Institution Code (Campus Solutions, Banner, and Universal only)

  • General Assignment Indicator (Campus Solutions and Universal only)

For organizations, only one criterion is available except for Campus Solutions schools:

  • Specific Subject/Department ID
  • Institution Code (Campus Solutions only)
  • Department Campus Code (Campus Solutions only)
Extract Sets With No Criteria

Unlike sections and exams (which require a term code criterion at minimum) extract sets for locations and organizations can be created without specifying any criteria at all. An "empty" extract set like this will include all locations, departments, or subjects in your SIS.

Creating an Extract Set

Once you've selected whether you're working with extract sets for locations or organizations (coming soon!), follow these steps to add a new one.

  1. Click New Extract Set to start from scratch. If you want to use an existing extract set as a basis, select it and click More Actions > Copy.
  2. Edit the text boxes (with pencil icons) to set the name and description,
  3. Click Add Criteria to choose criteria for the extract set. For example, you might want to limit the imported data by Building Code or Location Type.
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit the criterion and select which things to include or exclude from the extract set.
  5. Click Save. Now you're ready to start!
Use Search to Make Selection Easier

As you're selecting extract set criteria, type into the search field to narrow down the options and make them easier to find.

A list of building codes filtered by the user typing HA into the search boxImage: Filtering building codes by typing into the search box.

Keep Criteria Up to Date!

LYNX will create new locations or organizations as they are added in your SIS, as long as they match the criteria in your extract set. This will happen naturally with criteria like Institution Code, where LYNX knows about an existing code that gets added to new things. If the new data in your SIS relies on something you haven't entered into your extract set criteria, it won't be imported.

In particular, watch out for extract sets based on Building Code or Specific Department ID. A new building on campus or a brand new department won't get picked up by LYNX until you account for them in the extract set.

Deleting or Inactivating an Extract Set

To delete an extract set, select it and click More Actions > Delete. It will be permanently removed from LYNX but any imported locations and organizations will remain.

To inactivate an extract set:

  1. Select it from the list and click Edit.
  2. Use the toggle on the extract set details page to change it from Active to Off.
  3. Click Save. The extract set will remain in the list with a changed icon to indicate that it's inactive

Once inactivated, LYNX will not send any automatic updates to 25Live if data in your SIS changes. You can still manually trigger updates.