Issues when installing JReport Report Designer on a Windows 10 machine

After running the installer, you may note that no icon is placed on the desktop.

If you run C:\JReport\Designer\bin\JReport.bat, you receive an error like the following:

please set the correct REPORTHOME
Press any key to continue . . .

The instructions below will walk you through fixing this issue or you can watch our tutorial video.

Step-by-step guide

To resolve this:

  1. Update the setenv.bat file located in C:\JReport\Designer\bin\ directory.
  2. Update the REPORTHOME line to reflect your JReport Designer installation directory and your JAVAHOME line to reflect your JDK installation directory.

    Ensure that neither path has a trailing backslash (`\`). For example, you want this:

    set REPORTHOME=C:\JReport\Designer

    Rather than this:

    set REPORTHOME=C:\JReport\Designer\
  3. Once you update the setenv.bat file as appropriate to your installation, try running JReport.bat once more. It may give you this message:

    C:\JReport\Designer\bin\report.ini is corrupted. Make sure it's in correct format.
    Press Enter key to continue.

    If that happens, replace the report.ini file from the C:\JReport\Designer\bin\ folder with the zipped report.ini file that is attached here. Note that the file refers to the default installation path of C:\JReport\Designer. If your installation differs, you will need to update the report.ini file to reflect the correct path.

  4. Create an icon for your user by navigating to the JReport.bat file in C:\JReport\Designer\bin\, right-clicking and sending to the desktop (create shortcut).
    You can even change the icon on that shortcut to the icon file located in C:\JReport\Designer to keep things consistent.