Invoice Account Numbers in Series25 Pricing

You can set up two types of account numbers in Series Pricing—credit account numbers and debit account numbers. Both numbers can be generated by 25Live and appear on printed invoices.

These account numbers use codes that are attached to rate groups, rate schedules, and organizations. Your school can define how to use these codes, including which ones to include, the order the codes appear, and any other text or separators to use along with them.

Multi-element account numbers help you integrate your accounting practices in other systems with 25Live event pricing. This provides:

  • Consistency between 25Live and other accounting tools you use
  • Flexibility in how account numbers are generated
  • The ability to use both credit numbers and debit numbers

Using Account Codes

As you create rate schedules, rate groups, and organizations, you can define accounting codes in the appropriate fields. Rate schedules allow you to add separate codes representing debit and credit accounts.



Boy Scouts444
Campus Media652

Rate Group

Group Code

Internal GroupIG

Rate Schedule

AccountNumber (Credit)

AccountNumber (Debit)

Projector Rental77017702
Conference Room87198720

Next, decide a format for these codes in the Accounting Formats area of Pricing Settings in 25Live System Settings > Pricing settings:
Accounting Formats page.Image: Accounting Formats page.

In the Debit and Credit Account Format boxes, enter the codes as they are used by your institution. The following variables will be replaced by the relevant codes, while other text (including punctuation) is preserved.

  • OrganizationCode
  • GroupCode
  • AccountNumber (used for both credit and debit)

Using the previous examples, here are some formats that would result in various credit or debit numbers on a 25Live invoice for the Boy Scouts renting a projector.





These codes are visible on the pricing summary page in 25Live on the far right of the table:

Account codes in pricing summary in 25LiveImage: 25Live Pricing account codes.