Instructor Summary Report in Eval25

The Instructor Summary report displays a summary of an instructor’s evaluations across courses within a selected time period (one semester, one year, 6 years, etc.), for purposes such as an annual performance evaluation. The report can be output to Excel or PDF.

Creating an Instructor Summary Report

1. Click the Reports Menu and Select Instructor Summary From the Dropdown

Instructor summary criteria fieldsImage: Fill out the Instructor Summary fields and click Create Report.

2. Fill out the Report Parameter Fields:

  • Search Instructor: Enter 3 or more letters in the field to locate the instructor's name. 
    • Instructors will only have access to data for their own courses.
  • Start Term: Select the first term to be included in the report.
  • End Term: Select the last term to be included in the report.

If the selected Start Term is, for example, "All Terms" (the default) and the End Term is a specific term, such as Spring 2018, then all terms are included until Spring 2018.

Likewise, if the End Term is All Terms and Start Term is a selected one, such as Spring 2018, then all terms since Spring 2018.

If both terms are left as All Terms, then all terms will be part of the report.

  • Include Comparison?: Select which, if any, comparisons to include in the report. The choices are Department, School, and University.
  • Include Total Enrollment?: Select Yes or No
  • Include Response Rate?: Select Yes or No

3. Click the Create Report Button

The report is created and can be seen below the Create Report button. Click the View as PDF link or the Export as Excel link for a PDF or Excel report file. 

Instructor summary example outputImage: Instructor Summary example output.