Institution Settings Definitions in Eval25 - Evaluations

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The following table contains the Evaluations Institution Settings, along with a description, listed options, the meaning of the setting, and each setting’s default. View the Full Institution Settings Here.

To update fields that are not editable by Eval25 administrators, please submit a support request. 


Setting Name
DescriptionOptionsMeaning of SettingSetting DefaultAdmin Can Edit
Institution's Evaluation TypeIndicates the evaluation type

Instructor Evaluation

Course Evaluation

Composite Evaluation

States whether students complete one form per instructor OR one form per courseInstructor EvaluationNo
Instructor send remindersCan instructors send reminders to students?Yes/NoStates whether instructors have the ability to send reminders to students. If “Yes,” all reminders sent by instructors include the following disclaimer at the bottom: “Please know that the Eval25 online course and faculty evaluation system keeps your information and identity 100% confidential. All course evaluations are anonymous. This email was sent to all students who have not completed an evaluation for this course. Neither your instructor or any administrators have access to see who receives this email.”NoYes
Number of TA instructors to be chosenHow many instructors can students choose for their TA sections?

One, Zero

One, Zero or More

One or More

Enforces restrictions on the number of TAs a student can evaluateOneYes
Students reset their evaluationsCan students reset their evaluations?Yes/NoAllows students to “clear” an evaluation form and re-submit.NoYes
Students decline their evaluationsCan students decline their evaluations?No Decline, Decline On First Page, Decline on Last PageDictates whether students can decline an evaluation and if so, where the “decline” button should appear on the formNo DeclineYes
Low Enrollment Form InstructionsManages the possibility of compromised anonymity in low enrollment coursesThreshold If set to greater than zero, Low Enrollment Instructions Threshold will appear in Configuration/Text SettingsThe text entered will display on evaluation forms to students in courses being evaluated that have enrollment below the threshold indicated in the institution settings.0 (zero)Yes