Institution Codes in Imported Organization Names

The Define Primary Organization setting in LYNX Settings - Organizations and Contacts allows you to combine department or subject codes from your SIS with institution codes to form organization names in 25Live. For example:


These four organization names could be created in 25Live based on two subject codes (MATH and BIO) and two institution codes (INST1 and INST2).

If you are creating organizations in 25Live by importing departments or subjects from your SIS then rather than defining them in 25Live itself, then you need to tell LYNX which institution codes to use. This is done on the basis of extract sets.

Adding Institution Codes to Organization Extract Sets

To configure which institution codes belong on organizations that are imported from 25Live, follow these steps:

  1. Create an extract set for organizations. The extract set is a list of department or subject codes which meet the extract set criteria.
  2. Select it from the list of organization extract sets and click Settings.
  3. Under the heading for Appended Institution Codes, enter as many institution codes as you wish.
  4. When the extract set is imported, LYNX will create one organization in 25Live for each possible combination of department/subject code and institution code.

The Define Primary Organization setting is also visible on this page, but cannot be edited here. It is presented only as a reminder of how organization names are formed.

Screenshot of the organization extract set settings page, including a field to list institution codes to append to organization namesImage: Select institution codes to be included in organization names.