Installing the LYNX-APP

The LYNX-APP is a component of the Series25 LYNX Interface used in all locally deployed LYNX installations. It is a lightweight Java service application installed locally on your student information system server.

This application acts as a bridge between your local SIS database and 25Live, keeping data in sync by posting and receiving updates every 60 seconds. For more information about this data flow, see How LYNX Processes Data.

Before Installing

Ensure that you have already successfully deployed the necessary scripts and tables for a database integration.

Review the LYNX Installation Overview for more information about the installation process. For assistance or questions, please contact email Series25 Support or your assigned LYNX support analyst.

Installation Instructions

To install the LYNX-APP on your server, use the instructions appropriate for your operating system. See Series25 Technical Specifications for system requirements.


LYNX-APP Installation for Windows

Encrypting Passwords in Your LYNX-APP Config File (Windows)


LYNX-APP Installation for Linux

Encrypting Passwords in Your LYNX-APP Config File (Linux)

Configuring a Proxy Server

If you wish to connect to LYNX WebServices via a proxy server, please see the instructions. You will configure this server after the LYNX-APP is installed.