Initializing Reference Data

"Reference data" is what LYNX calls all the miscellaneous information in your SIS that doesn't belong to a specific term code. For example:

  • Department codes
  • Facility IDs
  • Instructor names
  • Meeting pattern types
  • and more!

It's a good practice to manually refresh LYNX with this data before starting to schedule a new term if using Ethos or Workday.  That way, any new elements that were added to your SIS since the start of the last term will be synced. If you are using Banner, Colleague, or Campus Solutions, this is not required.

For more information, see Initializing Data in LYNX.

To Refresh Reference Data:

  1. In LYNX, click More > Utilities > SIS Data Initialization.
  2. Click the Initialize Reference Data button.
  3. A popup window will prompt you for a name. This is so you can identify the data import for troubleshooting later. We recommend giving it a name that matches the term you're about to start scheduling, like "Fall 2022".
  4. Click Submit.
  5. You will be taken to the initialization details screen, including a bar to track the initialization's progress. The bar will begin moving within 60 seconds as LYNX syncs with your SIS. Navigating away from this screen will not interrupt progress.
    Initialization complete