How to Move an Event From One Folder to Another in 25Live

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See the following 25Live  help topics for more information:

Note: Folders and Cabinets in Series25 are Permanent Database Locations for Saved Events

In 25Live they are nearly invisible to front-end users, and typically only seen in the System Settings. Front-end users will only be aware of them when saving an event as Tentative or Confirmed for the first time. If the event can be saved in multiple folders, they'll be presented with a list and asked to select "heading" under which to save the event.

When an event is saved as Tentative or Confirmed, it is given a permanent event type (the one that was selected during event creation) and placed permanently in a folder. Technically, neither of these elements can be changed, but there are some techniques that can essentially result in moving an event from one folder to another (and changing the event type if necessary).

Note: Even if an Event is in the "Wrong" Folder or Cabinet, You May Not Need to Change Anything

It would be best if you weighed the pros and cons before changing. "Moving" an event will reset all reservations, comments, tasks, etc.

If the Security, Date Constraints, and inherited Event Categories are the same from folder to folder, then there is really no reason to move the event from one folder to another folder.

In 25Live, users can change an event back to a Draft state.  If you do this, you can change the Event Type, which will alter various data properties associated with the event (custom attributes, default categories, etc.)

  1. Open your event in the Event Form.
  2. Go to the State editor.
  3. Select Draft.
  4. Save your event.
  5. Re-open the event.
  6. Select your new Event Type.
  7. Select Tentative or Confirmed.
  8. Save. If necessary, choose a different 'heading' (i.e. folder).

(Event Type is one of several criteria that determine how events are routed, but the most likely one you would need to change in order to change folders.)


If you revert your event to a Draft, all reservations of locations and resources will be removed, as well as space instructions, and modifications to individual occurrences. These will need to be recreated.

In addition, all Tasks will be removed from the event when you revert an event to a Draft State. Therefore, all users that received a Task in the event will receive the Task again. If Event Requirements are used to stagger Tasks, then any Requirement applied to the event before it was reverted to a Draft will be sent out all at once after the event is set to a State of Tentative or Confirmed.

If your event was sent to a Published calendar, deleting it and recreating it may also have unexpected results.