How to Configure Moodle for LTI Integration with Eval25

Adding a Tool Sitewide

An administrator can manually configure external tools in Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > External tool> Manage tools so that they are available across the site.

add tool field

Adding an External Tool

A tool may be configured by an administrator so that it is shown in the activity chooser (in addition to the external tool activity) for a teacher/student to select to add to a course. Its description, if one is present, will appear in the activity chooser.

1. Click on the "Configure a Tool Manually" Link

2. Use the Following Information to Create the Tool

  • Tool URL:
  • Tool Description: Eval25 ® is a fully-hosted course evaluation and survey system with flexible online forms that let you create your own questions for virtually any response gathering application, including course evaluations, multi-purpose surveys, and self-assessments.
    This LTI integration provides your students, faculty, and staff a convenient way to access our Eval25 software directly through a link placed within your LMS. Students can view and complete their evaluations and surveys via their computers, smart phones, or tablets. Faculty and staff can access robust reporting and analytics within our software.
    For additional information please visit "Eval25 " or contact
  • Tool Provider Key: Provided by an account manager
  • Tool Provider Secret: Provided by an account managers
  • Tool Configuration Settings: Select "Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool", so every user does not have to add the details for every course.

3. Save Your Changes

You have successfully completed the Moodle administrator step to configure LTI integration with Eval25.

Student View - Adding a tool to course:

  1. Navigate to the course page.
  2. With the editing turned on, in the section you wish to add your external tool, click the "Add an activity or resource" link.
  3. In the tab, you should be able to see the new tool. Click and add the tool.
  4. Mention the activity name.
  5. Eval25 should be added in the course page now.
  6. Click on it and you should be able to link to Eval25 system.


  1. The Moodle logged in user’s email must be same as student’s email registered in the course in Eval25 system.
  2. The course ID in Eval25 should match the Course ID in Moodle.