11/16/2023 - Group Administration

  • New - Two Group Administration tool settings have been added:
    • Tool Access: 5.0 Access to Outlook Sync Administration Tool
    • Tool Access: 6.0 Access to Google Calendar Integration Tool

These new settings require that the following settings are in place before they can be enabled:

  • Basic Options: 2.4 Delete Events = Yes
  • Basic Options: 12.0 Send Emails = Yes
  • Basic Options: 7.0 View Contacts = Yes
  • Basic Options: 14.1 Advanced Location Search and Manage Personal Searches = Yes
  • Basic Options: 18.1 Advanced Organization Search and Manage Personal Searches = Yes
  • Other Fixes and Improvements:
    • When saving exceptions on a large number of groups and locations, the exceptions will now be saved in chunks. A notification will confirm for the user that each chunk has been successfully saved once each process is completed
    • When selecting the info button next to an organization name in Group Administration, the additional name field is now labeled "Title" instead of "Formal Name"