Granting Users Report Builder Permissions in Eval25

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Granting Users Report Builder Permissions
Setting Report Access

Administrators can grant users the ability to build custom reports for courses that fall within their specified Access Restrictions per their user permissions. These users can see the Custom Reports page, set access restrictions, as well as publish, delete, and copy custom reports.

Granting a User Report Builder Permissions

1. Choose Users from the Configuration Menu

2. Search for or Create a User

  • If this is an existing user:

    • Enter the user’s name in the Search Users field.
    • Click Search.
    • Click Edit.

      Note: Edits to instructors (or individuals who are instructors and students) can be made in Users. Changes to student information can only be made in Registration.

  • If this is a new user:
    • Enter the user’s ID number, first and last name, and email address in the Add New User section.
    • Click Create User.

Add new user section of the users pageImage: User search and Add New User fields.

3. Grant the User Report Building Permissions 

  • On the User Permissions page, locate the Configuration column.
  • Select the Build Reports check box.
  • Click Save.

Build reports checkbox in the configuration columnImage: Build Reports permission in the Configuration column.