Granting Survey Access in Eval25

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Eval25 Survey Tab
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Distributing and Inviting Participants to Surveys
Granting Survey Access
Viewing Survey Results

A survey owner can grant survey access to others, such as other instructors or assistants, and give them the ability to:

  • Edit a survey’s questions, settings, and access
  • Invite participants to take the survey or see the public URL
  • View survey results

Configuring Survey Access

1. Locate the Survey and Access Tab

From My Surveys, click the Survey you want access added to.

Click the Access tab.

2. Add User Access

Click the Add Access button.

Add access button in the survey tabImage: Tap the Add Access button in the Access tab.

Enter the email address of an existing user—such as an instructor or administrator—into the Email field.


Select the link in the second line and fill out the form.

(Link text: "If the user is not registered, you can add them here.") Then return to My Surveys > Access > Add Access, as described above.

3. Choose the Appropriate Access Status

Select which type(s) of access the user should have:

  • Can edit questions and settings
  • Can invite and distribute
  • Can view and share results
    Survey access window
    Image: Check the appropriate options in the Survey Access window.

4. Press Save