Fully Clearing your Browser's Cache and 25live Cookies for 25live

When new versions of 25Live are deployed or patches have been released, browsers might still be using old stored version data of 25Live's code. This can result in odd display issues or other glitches. 

Clearing the browser cache is one of the first steps we often try in troubleshooting because it's simple to do and can fix a host of problems.

These are the steps involved in removing your browser's cache and 25live cookies for the following browsers: 


The below screenshots are from a Windows 10 environment using the Chrome browser.
Please Navigate to your Options Menu in your top right-hand corner of browser indicated by:

Select Settings > Advanced (at bottom of screen) > Select Clear Browsing Data. 

Make sure the "Cached Images and Files" checkbox is selected, and the Time Range is selected for All Time. Then, press the "Clear data" button.

That will clear your browser's cache.

To clear your 25live cookies, please navigate to the same setting window and Select Settings > Advanced (at bottom of the screen) > Select Content Settings > Select Cookies > Select all cookies and site data > delete any cookies associated with 25Live:

For Chrome and Windows 10, Please fully close your Chrome browser and restart.  

You can do this by going to your bottom right-hand screen and right-clicking on the Chrome icon and press close.  Then start back up your Chrome Browser.  


First, go to your Options Menu:

The below screenshots are from a Windows 10 environment using the Firefox browser.

Go to "Privacy & Security" and click on "Clear Data": 

Make sure only the "Cached Web Content" checkbox is checked.  (if you have "Cookies and Site Data" selected, you will remove all cookies for all websites).

Next, open up the Options Menu and go to "Privacy & Security."  Click on "Manage Data":

Type in the search website for '25live' then Select all 25live Cookies and select "Remove Selected."

Restart your browser and you are all set!

Internet Explorer (IE is not supported with 25live)

The below screenshots are from a Windows 10 environment using the Firefox browser.

To clear your Internet Explorer cache and cookies, please first go to the upper right-hand area of the Internet Explorer browser and click on the "Tools" icon. Then, go to the "Safety" and then click on "Delete browsing history":

Make sure the checkboxes are checked for "Temporary Internet files and website files" and "Cookies and website data."  Click on the Delete button. After that, restart your browser.