Flagging Comments in Eval25

Comment flagging can be done only for reports where a student leaves comments, such as the Comments Report and Instructor Report. With the proper permissions, Instructors, perform the following tasks to flag a comment.

Flagging Comments

1. Navigate to the Report Browser

  • Choose Report Browser from the Reports menu.

2. Make the Appropriate Selections

  • Select the term, and if needed, the school, department, instructor, and course you’re interested in by choosing the appropriate entries from the selection menus. These lists have been customized for your school.
  • Locate a course whose evaluation information you want to view. Use the navigation controls above the list as needed to locate the course in the list.

3. Go to the Ratings Summary

  • Click the course’s View link to go to the Ratings Summary page for the course.
  • From the report type dropdown box, select either Comments Report or Instructor Report. The following example is the Comments Report.
    Flag for review checkboxes.Image: Mark the Flag for Review checkbox associated with a question to flag it.

4. Review and Flag Comments

  • If a comment needs to be reviewed, select the Flag for Review check box to the right of the comment.
  • You will see a message at the top of the screen letting you know the comment has been flagged. Click the X to the right of this message to dismiss it.

For more information, please see Reviewing Flagged Comments in Eval25 & Granting Users Flagged Comment Review Permissions in Eval25.