First File Upload Process for the Eval25 Course Evaluation System


The Eval25 Course Evaluation System uses a straightforward process that lets an Administrator-level user upload an institution’s term data files to CollegeNET. The following instructions are designed to help make this process a success the first time by working with a term test upload.

Create a Test Term

The first task in the upload process is to create the test term, which lets you work with Eval25 first without being concerned about any issues that might occur with actual data and terms.

Security Note

Only an Eval25 Administrator has the ability to upload an institution’s files to CollegeNET.

1. Select Terms and Sessions From the Configuration Menu

Note that the View dropdown field is empty since you are building the initial term upload.

2. Tap the Create First Term Button

Create first term buttonImage: Create First Term button.

3. In the Term Creation Fields, Enter the Following Information About Your Test Term:

  • Copy Term: Since there are no terms to copy at this point, this field is empty.
    • Also copy announcements: Select to copy announcements along with term data
  • Create Space Questions: Select to create questions about space satisfaction
  • Title: Enter the name of the term; Spring Satellite Campus 2018, for example.
  • Description: Enter a term description. Freshman English Literature Classes, for example.
  • ID: Enter the term ID.
    • Important: this is the term_id that is also used in the data file.
  • Start: Enter the term's start date and time.
  • End: Enter the term's end date and time.
  • Reports: Enter the term's report release data and time
  • Student Reports
  • Comment Flagging Start Date
  • Comment Flagging End Date
    New term form fieldsImage: New Term form fields.

4. Click the Create New Term Button

Create a Test Form

The second task in the first upload process is to create a test form for the newly created term. Create a test form by completing the following steps.

1. Select Form Editor From the Configuration Menu

2. Select Create New Form From the Settings(gear icon) Dropdown Menu

Create new form option in the settings dropdownImage: Create New Form option in the settings menu.

3. In the Form, Enter the Following Information:

  • Code: Enter the form's code. Important: this is the form_code that is used in the data file.
  • Name: Enter the name of the form. This is the name that will display when selecting forms from the dropdown list.
    Create new form windowImage: Create New Form fields. Don’t worry about entering form content (i.e., questions) at this time.

Test Term File Upload

The final task in the first upload process is to upload a test file for the newly created term. Upload the test file by completing the following steps.

Before proceeding, open the data file you want to upload, and make sure that the term_id and form_code in the file match what has been created in the interface. The data file should not contain actual or real course and instructor information. The information should be falsified.
term_id and form_code circled in a file example Image: term_id and form_code in the upload file.

1. Select Terms and Sessions From the Configuration Menu

2. Click the View Button

View buttonImage: View button.

3. Select Upload Course Data From the Settings(gear icon) Dropdown Menu

upload course data button in the settings dropdownImage: Upload Course Data in the Settings menu.

4. Select Initial Load, and Follow the Prompts Until Completion


Copy Term is currently not relevant for you but will be very important as you move forward. It will allow you to create a new term copied from an old term, permitting you to carry forward the evaluation forms (i.e., question sets) and announcements created in the previous term. Without Copy Term, newly created terms will not have any questions for students to answer on evaluation forms.