Finishing a Term

When a term ends, there are no more updates in the SIS. LYNX doesn't need to process anything more, so you can get rid of your extract sets.

This is when you archive them, not delete them.

To archive an extract set, open the More Actions menu and select the Archive option. This will prevent updates from coming over (as if it's inactive) and hide it from view.

Don't forget to archive everything:

  • Import extract sets
  • Export extract sets
  • Exam extract sets

See Deleting and Archiving Extract Sets for instructions.

Why archive instead of delete?

Deleting an extract set is a signal to LYNX that you think its contents don't belong in 25Live. When you delete it, LYNX will do its best to delete any events it's imported.

In comparison, archiving an extract set just retires it from view in LYNX, while still maintaining the status of the classes in 25Live. It also remains available to review in case you want to use its details for copying later.