Exporting Search Results To a Report

25Live allows you to export the results of an event, location, resource, or organization search to standard listing reports:

  • Event Listing - Excel
  • Location Listing - Excel
  • Resource Listing - Excel
  • Organization Listing - Excel

While both the Reports section of 25Live and the 25Live Reports tool require you to output that report using a saved search, this feature will allow you to export the results of any location search.

Location Listing report in 25Live Reports toolImage: The export outputs the standard object listing reports ("Location Listing - Excel" depicted here in the 25Live Reports tool.

Security Note

Your user's security group will need the following permissions:

  • Object-level security rights to view reports (specifically "Event Listing - Excel," "Location Listing - Excel," "Resource Listing - Excel," or "Organization Listing - Excel")
  • The ability to perform location, resource, and organization searches (Basic: 14.0 Basic Location Searching, Basic: 16.0 Basic Resource Searching, Basic: 18.0 Basic Organization Searching)
  • The ability to use the 25Live Reports tool (Tools 2.0)

If you do not have appropriate permissions, ask your 25Live Administrator to use Series25 Group Administration to assign them.

To Export Location Search Results

You can export any type of event, location, resource, or organization search to a listing report, such as one performed from the home dashboard quick search widget, a keyword quick search, an advanced search, or a SeriesQL search.

Use the Go to Search button or the Search link in the More menu to go to the search view.Image: Use the Go to Search button or the Search link in the More menu to go to the search view.

These steps assume beginning from the Search view (accessed by using the Go to Search button or the Search link in the More menu).

1. Choose the Search Type

Choose to search for locationsImage: Use the Select Object dropdown to choose to search for Events, Locations, Resources, or Organizations.

Using the dropdown menu, you can choose to search for Events, Locations, Resources, or Organizations.

2. Choose and Run Your Desired Type of Location Search

  • Quick Search: You may enter one or more keywords (with at least two characters) and optionally use the various filter link menus (signified by a filter type and a plus (+) symbol) to reveal available filter areas.
    Toggle to advanced searchImage: The search toggle allows you to switch between running a quick search and an advanced search.
  • Advanced searches are also available for export by switching the search toggle to Advanced. You can then use the Add Criteria button. See Using Advanced Search Options for more details.
  • SeriesQL searches can also be exported. See Using the SeriesQL Search Syntax.

Choosing saved searchesImage: You can export user-created saved searches.

  • Saved Searches: You can also select any Saved Searches from the dropdown menu under the headings Your Starred Searches or All of Your Searches to export. See Saving Searches.

Use the Search button or your Enter or Return key to view your search results.

Tip: You Don't Have to Save Your Search Before Exporting

This feature allows you to export results without first creating a saved search. However, export is not available from the built-in saved searches for Your Starred items or Your Express Locations.

3. Export the Results

Export Results linkImage: The Export Results link is in the list of search options below the text field.

After your search results have loaded, use the Export Results link. If you click or tap the link too early, an error message will display.

Download notificationImage: The report download notification lets you know your report will download upon completion.

A notification will appear in the bottom-left corner informing you that the report will be downloaded upon completion. When it's ready, the file will download using your browser's standard method.