Exporting Group Member Contact Lists

If you need to get a list of members in a group, it can be useful to export the list to Excel (XLS) . Group Administration provides a convenient export option.

Prerequisite & Security Requirements

This process utilizes Series25 WebServices. You will need your institution’s login. See Finding Your WebServices URL and Login Credentials.

If your user has access to the Members tab (such as Admin > 16.0 Change Security Configurations) when configuring groups, you will have access to this feature.

To Export Group Member Contact List

1. Configure Members for a Group

Members section choiceImage: Select a security group, then go to the Members section.

Select a group on the home page of the application, then use the Configure… menu to choose the Members section.

2.  Use the Export Members Action

Export Members optionImage: The Export Members option is in the Actions menu.

Open the Actions menu, and choose Export Members.

3. Copy the Data URL

Export Members URLImage: Run the report or copy the URL then follow the instruction in the WebServices help.

You may use the Run Report  button to download the “User List - Excel” report (see standard report reference).

Or, copy the URL that is generated for data retrieval using the Copy URL button. As referenced previously, you will need your WebServices login (exclusive customer content login required).

4. Use the WebServices Instructions to Save to Excel

Use the instructions on the Getting WebServices Data in Excel Format  (exclusive customer content login required) page to save the data in a format for Excel (XLS).