Exam Import/Export Extract Sets


Before you can run an exam import for the first time, you must define the section data for the exams you want to import into 25Live and export back to the SIS. This is referred to as defining an “extract set,” since the data you define is extracted from the History tables. You can choose to import one or more terms of exam data in their entirety, or you can define a subset of term data for import/export.

Only terms that have been initialized can be selected for inclusion in exam import/export extract sets.

Once you’ve defined an “active” exam import/export extract set and initiated the import process, the exam data you’ve defined is extracted from the History tables and imported into 25Live. As long as the extract set remains active, LYNX will look for changes in the exam data in the SIS on an ongoing basis and automatically update the exams in 25Live as needed, as well as looking for location assignments made to the exam data in 25Live on an ongoing basis and automatically updating the exams in the SIS as needed.

The only time you may need to define a new exam import/export extract set is if you make configuration or data translation changes—for example, if you want to re-import all exams using an updated set of translation rules.

Automated Import/Export Processing

Only exams that meet active exam import/export extract set criteria will automatically import to 25Live if they are updated in the SIS. Exams that meet inactive or archived extract set criteria won't import to 25Live, but also won’t be deleted from 25Live if they already exist there. Exams that don’t meet any exam import/export extract set criteria (active, inactive, or archived) and exist in 25Live will be deleted from 25Live if the exam is updated in the SIS.

On export to the SIS, only exams that meet active exam import/export extract set criteria will be exported to the SIS.

Importing Exams as Separate Events or Additional Section Profiles

If you import exams as separate, related events, their associated sections don’t have to exist in 25Live to successfully import the exams. However, if you import exams as additional event profiles of their associated sections, those sections must exist in 25Live before their exams can be successfully imported.

Exams for Combined Sections, Cross-listed Classes, and Bound Meeting Groups

If the section that was originally imported into 25Live is in a combined section or cross-listed group in the SIS or has been bound using the Interface Bound Group function, the resulting exams are run through a binding location assignment process to ensure that each member of the exam group has the same location assignment.

Extract Set Record Limits

Each extract set is limited to 20,000 records.

Data criteria

Once you have chosen one or more terms, any of these criteria can be used to define a subset of exams in the selected term(s). Please note that the criteria available is dependent on your SIS:

  • Term Code (required)
  • Campus Code
  • Subject Code
  • Section Type
  • Section ID
  • Sub-term Code
  • Instruction Code
  • Institution Code
  • Location/Region Code
  • Assignment Indicator
  • Academic Career
  • Course Number
  • Section Number
  • Part of Day Code 
  • Department Code
  • SIS Assignment 
  • Exam Indicator 

For example, you could define an exam import/export extract set that includes only exams for Lecture section types with a BIOL subject code in the 202330 term.