Exam Creation Extract Sets

Before you can create exams in 25Live, you must help LYNX determine which sections need exams in the first place. This is referred to as defining an "extract set" because LYNX extracts sections from your SIS based on a set of criteria you give it.

Exam creation uses the same standard extract set criteria as most other extract sets in LYNX.

Once you set up your extract set, you can define its exam creation rules and then import it to create exams in 25Live.

Making an Exam Creation Extract Set

First, navigate to the exam creation page by going to Utilities > Exam Creation. Then follow the directions below to create an extract set.

  1. Click New Extract Set to start from scratch. If you want to use an existing extract set as a basis, select it and click More Actions > Copy.

  2. Edit the text boxes (with pencil icons) to set the name and description,

  3. Click Add Criteria to choose criteria for the extract set. For example, you might want to limit the imported data by Building Code or Location Type.

  4. Click the pencil icon to edit the criterion and select which things to include or exclude from the extract set.

  5. Click Save. Now you're ready to start!
Use Search to Make Selection Easier

As you're selecting extract set criteria, type into the search field to narrow down the options and make them easier to find.

A list of building codes filtered by the user typing HA into the search box.