Event State Default

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This option is used to specify a default event state (Draft, Tentative, or Confirmed) to apply initially to all events being created, regardless of whether the Event Form has been set up using the system default or a custom configuration.

About Default Event States

  • The individual user preference set on the Event Form for the default event state will override this system-wide setting.
    • In addition, if the event state is no longer set in the user's security group's Event Form configuration, the user's preference will remain.
  • The event state you select won’t appear for a security group that does not have that state available in their custom Event Form configuration.
  • If a security group does not have access to that event state, members of the group will not be allowed to edit events with that state.
  • Users can copy events with states they can't edit, but the state will be changed to one they can edit once the copy is opened in the Event Form.
  • A user may be able to change the state default when multiple options are available unless the current custom Event Form configuration for the security group prohibits changes to the Event State editor.

To Set the Default Event State

1. Open Event Form Rule Settings in System Settings

More menu in the top navigation barImage: The More menu in the top navigation bar has a link to the System Settings view.

After logging into 25Live as an administrator or user with permissions to access System Settings, open the More menu in the top navigation bar.

System settings is located under the More menuImage: The System Settings link is in the More menu.

Use the menu link to go to the System Settings view.

Event Form Settings in System SettingsImage: Tap or click on Event Form Settings.

Go to Event Form Settings > Default Settings.

2. Choose From the List and Save

Default event form settingsImage: The Event State Default is located in Event Form Settings > Default Settings.

Open the Default Event State dropdown menu to choose an option, then use the Save button to save your selection. The Cancel button will discard any changes.

Note: Not All Event States Are Available

The Denied, Cancelled, and Sealed options are not available to set as default event states.