Evaluation Audit Report in Eval25

The Evaluation Audit report allows you find and update inconsistent evaluation records—usually, those with low Likert scale scores and positive comments. To do this, Eval25 will calculate the sentiment of evaluation comments and compare it to the mean score of the Likert scale rating. After confirming they are in fact erroneous, Eval25 allows you to either "flip" the numbers to the correct score or delete the record entirely using the Evaluation Audit report.

1. Open the Evaluation Audit Report

To access the report, choose Evaluation Audit from the Reports dropdown.

Evaluation audit link in the Reports dropdown

2. Use the Dropdowns to Filter the Results

This report allows you to filter reports by the Term and the mean Evaluation Score range. The bars show Likert scale answer distribution as well as the Qualitative Sentiment.

Evaluation audit report sorted by

3. Open Individual Responses to View Scores and Comments

Clicking on the down caret button opens that record and shows the Likert Scale results and responses to the qualitative questions with associated sentiment stars.

Positive response bars are colored green, negative response bars are colored red.

Evaluation scores for one user's responses

Here you may review the answers and the overall mean score and decide how to treat this record.

4. (Optional) Flip or Remove Answers

If you determine the Likert scale questions were answered erroneously, you may flip them using the Flip Likert Answers button or delete the record by clicking the Remove Answers button. If you delete the record using Remove Answers you will not be able to access it again. 

An additional confirmation pop-up appears whenever you press either “Flip Likert Answers” or “Remove Answers” button, allowing you to cancel the operation if needed.

Flip likert answers and remove answers buttons

In the example above you can see the students’ scores have been flipped and their Likert score mean now shows a positive response, mirroring their qualitative sentiment. This record is no longer inconsistent and can be used for accurate evaluations.

Using the filters mentioned above, you may easily narrow down to find, verify, and fix inconsistent records.