Eval25 System and Pilot Test Guide

About Testing

This document contains two checklists of tasks to perform when implementing a Eval25 System Test (to be used by a small subset of users) followed by a System Pilot (to be used by one or more entire departments). Use these checklists to ensure you're ready for each step of the process.

Implementation Tasks

Before starting the System Test or the Pilot test, there are three things you need to do.

  • Obtain a single sign-on with Shibboleth. You should have the Shibboleth document from CollegeNET. If not, please contact CollegeNET through the Request submission form found in the help Center Community.
  • Set up a data extract. You will need to perform an initial data extract from your SIS. You should have the data dictionary and a sample data file from CollegeNET. If not, please email support@collegenet.com to request these items.
  • Determine what questions need to be asked, and what the answers will be. These will be entered into the system by you prior to running your tests.

System Test Checklist

A system test is performed by a small group of users, in order to initially test the Eval25 system and prepare for the larger pilot that will follow.

Before beginning your test period, ensure that you have adequate time planned for all testers to review and complete the evaluation forms. We suggest you plan on two or more form submissions per tester, and allow at least 2-3 days for the entire test process. 

TimeframeAction(s) to Take
2 weeks before the test
  • Set up the single sign on with your institution’s user data.
  • Review the Help Center documentation to learn the system.
  • Set up your initial data file, replacing student and instructor User IDs with the IDs of people who will be doing the testing.
  • Note: This is the most important part of the test. Make sure no student emails are included in your test file.
1 week before the test
  • Upload your data file into the Eval25 system.
  • Set up your users.
  • Set up your text settings.
  • Set up your announcements.
During the test
  • Fill out evaluation forms. Be sure to complete enough forms that reporting from the test will be useful.
  • Review status tracking.
  • Review response rates.
After the test
  • Review reports.
  • Attend post-test conference call to review results.

System Pilot Checklist

A system pilot test is performed by one or more complete departments, in order to test the Eval25 system in a real-world scenario.

Before beginning your test period, ensure all pilot users are aware of the evaluation process and the predetermined timeline for evaluations to be entered into the system. In the pilot, actual students will be entering real information into the evaluation system.

Pilots are usually small; 2-3 departments is a typical size.

TimeframeAction(s) to Take
Before the pilotCreate an evaluation term in the system.
Decide dates for pilot and publicize.
Upload data file.
Review your evaluation forms, and make modifications as appropriate.
Make sure administrative users are set up.
Check/confirm text settings are accurate.
Check/confirm Announcements are accurate.
Prior to or during pilotSet appropriate permissions for Deans/Department heads sometime after the data file is loaded, but before reports are made available. This is how you will ensure that they view only the appropriate data.
Note: If no action is taken, only faculty member users will have access to data, and those users will only have access to data from the classes they have taught.
During pilotAfter term start, review status tracking as needed.
After pilotAfter the evaluation term is complete, review reports.
Attend post-pilot conference call to review results.
Go live with the systems institution-wide.

Ongoing Term Checklist

We recommend that you use the pilot checklist as a standard checklist for each evaluation term.