Eval25 and Canvas LMS Integration


The CollegeNET Eval25 and the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System) can be integrated via the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard. The integration provides your students, faculty, and staff with a convenient way to access the Eval25 application directly through a link placed within Canvas. Students can view and complete their evaluations and surveys via their computers, smartphones, or tablets. Faculty and staff can access robust reporting and analytics within the Eval25 application.


  • How do we integrate Eval25 with our Canvas learning management system?
    • Upon request, CollegeNET will provide your institution a Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Configuration URL to add the Eval25 app located in the EduAppcenter to your Canvas Institution Account.  For app assistance and additional information, please email support@collegenet.com to request assistance.

  • Can both students and faculty access Eval25 through Canvas?
    • Students and faculty can log into Canvas and access evaluations and results without needing to log in a second time to Eval25. Students can complete evaluations for each course directly within Canvas.  A link will be available in Canvas to the instructor’s personal Eval25 dashboard with evaluation results.

  • Can a link to Eval25 be placed in multiple institution portals, such as our Canvas LMS and another institution portal?
    • Links to Eval25 can be placed in multiple institution portals if desired.  Multiple access points provide more convenience for your students. Displaying a link in multiple places is particularly important if an instructor does not have an active Canvas course, or for staff that need access to Eval25 and do not have courses in Canvas.

  • Does adding the Eval25 LTI app to Canvas replace the need to upload a Term file to schedule evaluations?
    • Adding the Eval25 LTI app to Canvas does not replace uploading a Term file to Eval25. Canvas is not the authoritative source of registration data for evaluations.  Registration data from your student information system should be used when creating your Term file.  Depending upon institution policies, there may be cases where courses do not use Canvas.

  • Are Eval25 institution settings, such as evaluation start and end dates, affected when we add the Eval25 LTI app to Canvas?
    • Adding the Eval25 LTI app to Canvas has no effect on Eval25 institution settings.

  • Is there a fee to add the Eval25 LTI app to Canvas?
    • No. There is no fee for adding the Eval25 LTI app to Canvas.

LTI Integration Questions

In order for your institution’s Canvas LMS to integrate with Eval25, CollegeNET needs the variable names where the data we need is stored in Canvas.

From Canvas, CollegeNET receives a lengthy line of text, for example:

lis_person_contact_email_primary=sjones@cnet.edu, lis_person_name_given=Samuel, lis_person_name_family=Jones 

We need to know which of the parameters to pull data from for specific purposes, so we know where to insert it into our end and how to make use of what we've received. Since different schools use different parameters for different things, we need to ask each school which parameters we should look for.

For example, if we configured your institution to use the LTI parameter “lis_person_contact_email_primary” for email address, when we received a connect request from your institution's instance of Canvas, we would know to look at the stored email addresses in Eval25 and check it against the value we've were sent for the parameter “lis_person_contact_email_primary.” Since you're using email address as your log in, we would then know who is logging in and what to display to them.

Similarly, for the source course id, we need to know what parameter from Canvas we need to look at in order to know what the course id is.

Prior to integrating Eval25 and Canvas, there are at least two questions you need to provide answers for to CollegeNET. Your answers to these questions will enable CollegeNET to map to your LTI institution settings:

  1. Do you want users to log on by email or SIS ID?
  2. What is the name of the LTI parameter for the email or SIS ID?
  3. Optional: what is the LTI parameter for the Source Course ID?

Adding the Eval25 Application to Canvas

The following information and instructions explain how to integrate Eval25 into your Canvas installation.


The Canvas connection is for authentication purposes only, not data transfer. When a student selects the link in the context of a course, Eval25 opens and displays their regular landing page.

Account Credentials

To integrate Eval25 and Canvas, you need the following information:

  • Your Key and Shared Secret (both provided by CollegeNET)
  • The link to the CollegeNET LTI config.xml file:


If you have not received your Key and Shared Secret, please email support@collegenet.com to obtain this information.

Entering Your LTI Settings in Canvas

These steps tell you how to connect Eval25 and Canvas.

1. Log on to Canvas as an “Account Level Administrator.”

2. Navigate to the Configuration Page

  • Choose Settings from the left side menu.
    Settings link in the left-hand menu
  • Select the Apps tab.
  • Click the View App Configurations Button.
  • Select Add App.

3. Use the Following Configurations

  • Select By URL as the Configuration Type.
  • In the Name field, enter a name for the Eval25 application that students will recognize.
  • Enter your key information in the Consumer Key field.
  • Enter the Shared Secret.
  • Type or paste “https://www.applyweb.com/eval/resources/config/lti.xml” in the Config URL field. 

4. Click Submit 

This will add the Eval25 application to Canvas. It will now be available as an External App on the Apps tab.