Embedding 25Live Content

Security Note: This Feature Requires Administrative Access

To access the System Settings views, your 25Live user must have administrative security permissions (be in the -1 security group). If you would like access to this feature in your instance of 25Live, contact your 25Live administrator.

25Live provides the ability to embed content on other websites (such as your campus sites) including calendars, daily availability grids, weekly availability grids, event forms, and express scheduling forms.

See Instructions For Embedding Specific Content Types

Tips About Session IDs

Among the fields for all types of embedded content, you'll see an option to add a Session ID. The field is optional under some circumstances (such as requiring for event creation).

If no Session ID is Provided:

  • If embedding calendars or availability grids, if you don’t add a Session ID, 25Live will use the viewer seat credentials to display information
  • When embedding calendar and availability views, if no Session ID is provided while event creation is allowed, a log-in option will be at the top of the view to create events

You Should Provide a Session ID:

  • When Embedding event and Express Scheduling forms, which need a Session ID for creating events
  • When allowing event creation, if a Session ID is provided, 25Live can either use that session user to create the event or you can check the "Require Login For Event Creation" box (then, to the provided Session ID will only be used for displaying the initial view)