Email Defaults

25Live allows you to configure a number of email defaults for the application.

Getting to the General Settings

System settings is located under the More menuImage: The More menu location and System Settings link.

The System Settings section is accessible from the More menu in the top navigation bar.

Use the menu link to go to the General Settings section.

System Settings General Settings sectionImage: The settings are in the General Settings section of the System Settings.

Use the Email Defaults link in the left-side menu to view the section.

Email Default Settings

email defaults page in system settings general settingsImage: Use these options to configure the experience across the application for all users.

Contact Admin Email Address

This email address is accessed when users use the Contact Admin link in the More menu in 25Live.

Email Password Reminder

This setting controls whether or not the password reminder link (Forgot your Password?) is displayed in the 25Live user sign-in window.

Security Note: When Not Using SSO

If single sign-on is not implemented for your institution, users will receive an email with their requested password reminder only if the 25Live Viewer Seat has the functional security setting Basic: 12.0 Send Emails in Group Administration.

Email Subdomain

This setting allows you to add a subdomain to emails sent from 25Live. 

  • i.e.

Global From Email Address

Updates the "From" email address that is displayed when email is sent from 25Live. 

  • If this field is left blank, emails will be sent "From" the email address associated with the account that is sending the email. 

Don't Forget to Save Your Selections

Use the Save button to save your choices. The Cancel button will remove unsaved changes.