Editing Related Events

Security Note

In order to create and edit events as a group, you'll need to enable the following setting in Series25 Group Administration:
Basic: 2.1 Manage Event Relationships and Binding.

Additionally, remember that even though they're in a group, related and bound events are still separate objects with their own object security. Make sure you have appropriate permissions to view and edit them, the same as you would any other event. 

When you edit an event in a related event set, you're given the option of editing just the current event or selecting any/all events in the relationship for editing. If you choose the latter, a new tab is created for each event you're editing.


To learn about event editing restrictions, see Editing Events.

You can edit related events from any of the places in 25Live where you edit any event, for example:

  • From the dashboard page, when you select the edit edit icon icon for a starred event that has content relationships 
  •  Wherever you can right-click an event name to choose Edit Event from a drop-down menu of options
  • When you have an event open and use either the Edit Event link or the More Actions menu option to open the event in full editing mode.
Tip: Showing Related Events

You can expand a Calendar view of an event to show all its content-related events. Select Show Related Events in the event view navigation bar.

To Edit Related Events

1. Access the Edit Function

For any of the events in the relationship, choose the option that lets you edit the event.

2. Choose What You Want to Edit

You have two choices in the “Edit Related Events" window that's displayed:

  • Edit Only This Event: Opens the event.  

  • Edit Selected Events: After you select the related events you want to edit, open the reservation request form with each selected event on a separate tab, ready for editing.

    Use the Edit Related Events window to choose the events you want to editImage: Use the Edit Related Events window to choose the events you want to edit.

3. Edit and Save Each Event

To learn how to edit events, see Editing Events.

To Remove Events From a Related Set

1 Open the More Actions Display to Access Related Events

Related Events in More ActionsImage: Select Manage Related Events from the More Actions menu in the Event Details.

With one of the events open in the details view, choose Related Events from the More Actions display.

2. Use the Remove Events From Set Button

25Live lets you know if this event is in a related event set. To remove events, use the Remove Events from Set button to enter the selection view.

3. Select the Event(s) to Remove

Removing Related EventsImage: Select the event(s) then use the Remove Selected button.

You will see a list of events in the related set. Check the checkboxes to select the event(s) you want to remove, then use the Remove Selected button.