Editing Events with Multiple Segments

Every event in 25Live has at least one segment, but that structure remains hidden in most events. If you are building a complex event that needs to be divided up, you can add additional event segments. A 25Live event segment is a container for occurrences and their associated locations and resources. This feature is visible in imported events with multiple meeting patterns, and segments provide a flexible method to schedule, view, and manage complicated events, such as conferences, camps, or game series, that don't require nuanced object security or fine-tuned display in calendars. Segments within an event can have different:

  • Setup and takedown times
  • Headcounts
  • Comments
  • Occurrences
  • Names

To Edit an Event Using Multiple Segments

1. Search for and Edit the Top Level Event

Go to Search button locationImage: The Search button is in the top navigation bar.

Use the Search button to find the event. In the Event Details view, you can tell if the event is using segments by whether or not the All Segments link displays in the top section of event information.

Top of event detailsImage: The All Segments link should be visible in the event details view.

Use this link to view information about all segments in the event with links to the occurrence locations and resources.

Either the Edit Event link in the toolbar or the link in the More Actions display will bring you into editing mode in the event form.

2. Choose a Segment to Edit and Make Changes

Segment editing dropdown menuImage: Use the dropdown menu to choose which segment to edit.

Once you're in editing mode, use the Choose a segment to edit dropdown menu at the top of the event form. Choosing will open an event form with fields to edit for that segment.

3. Optionally Add or Remove Segments

Adding and removing segments are options when editing.Image: Adding and removing segments are options when editing.

From the edit mode for your top-level event, you can use the Add Segment button for additional segments. There is also a Remove Segment link.

Tip: Be Sure the Event Segments Option Is On

Ask your 25Live Administrator to turn on Allow Add/Remove Segments for your event form configuration in System Settings if you don't see the segment dropdown menu when editing.

4. Save Your Edits

Use the Save button to return to the Event Details view.

Repeat these steps for any additional segments you want to edit in the event.

Separated segments in occurrences viewImage: The Separated view in Occurrences shows segments by name heading.

You can view more information about the event segments in the Occurrences view of Event Details as well as in the Schedule view. You can also choose to Delete this Segment from the Settings icon (Settings icon) menu.