Viewing and Editing Administrative Permissions in Eval25


If you just created a new administrator user, you will be automatically redirected to the User Permissions page and can proceed to the Editing User Permissions section below.

Viewing the User Permissions Report

1. Choose User Permissions From the Reports Menu

2. Identify the Users With the Selected Permission

  • Click the text or arrow to the right of the permission text to see users who have that permission.

User Permissions pageImage: Click on any permission to see the users with that permission.

Tip: Hover for More Info

Hover over any User Permission to see more information about what the permission will do.

Hovering over the Export XML Data permission to show additional permission info

3. Edit Permissions

  • If you want to change the permissions of a user in the list, click the Edit button to open the user’s permissions page, then follow the directions in the Editing User Permissions section below.

Viewing Individual User Permissions

1. Select Users from the Configuration Menu

2. Search for a User

User search barImage: Search Users

  • Search for the user by entering a full or partial entry for one or more of the following:
    • User ID
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Email
  • Click Search to run the search and display the search results.

3. Edit Permissions

  • Click Edit to the right of the user whose permissions you wish to edit and follow the directions in the Editing User Permissions section below.
    Image: Select Edit next to the user to make changes to their permissions.

Editing User Permissions

1. Add or Remove Permissions

  • On the User Permissions page in the permissions area, check the box of each reporting, administration, and/or configuration permission you want the user to have. Uncheck boxes as needed to remove permissions. 
    • Hover over a permission item to see text describing what the permission allows the user to do. See Permissions in Eval25 for more information.

User Permissions pageImage: User Permissions page.

2. Update the Access Restrictions

  • In the Access Restrictions section, update the permissions by following the information located in Access Restrictions.

3. Click Save


When selecting schools and departments, be aware that selecting “All Schools” for Quantitative, Qualitative, and/or Export is the same as selecting no schools and/or departments for that item. You must select “Some Schools” or “Some Departments” to restrict access just to the school(s) or department(s) you select below.

If you want a user to have access to all the departments in a school, select that school, but do not select the departments in that school. When you select a school, all departments in that school are selected automatically.

Copying User Permissions

See Copying Permissions