Editing a Password in Group Administration

Note: For Institutions Using SSO or LDAP

Please note that the directions below only apply to those using local 25Live authentication or WebServices authentication. Single Sign-on and LDAP passwords are not stored in 25Live databases and cannot be reset through Series25. If you are having difficulty with your SSO or LDAP password, please contact your SSO or LDAP administrator.

This information typically applies to administrators who need to update another user's password. If you need to change your own password, please see Working with User Settings.

How to Update a 25Live/WebServices Password

  1. Log in to the Series25 Group Administration tool
  2. Select the security group of the user you'd like to update
  3. Tap or click on Configure > Members
  4. Select a user
  5. Open the Actions dropdown menu and select Edit User PasswordEdit user password under the actions menu
    Image: Choose a user and click Actions > Edit User Password.
  6. When selecting a new password, please note that 25Live only allows letters, numbers, and underscore (_) characters
  7. Save your changes
    User password form
    Image: User Password form