Displaying a 25Live Publisher Feed in an Outlook Calendar (Desktop)


The steps below describe how to display a 25Live Publisher Feed in a Microsoft Outlook Calendar using the ICS feed included with each Publisher Calendar.

25Live Outlook Integration App

The steps outlined in this document are not related to the setup for the 25Live Outlook Integration App.  For more information on that topic, see 25Live Outlook Integration.

To perform these steps, you need:

  • An Outlook account provided by your organization, and 
  • An existing published 25Live Publisher calendar.
Version DIfferences May Require Different Steps

The steps described in this document were performed using Outlook 2010.  If you have a new version of Outlook, the steps you need to perform may be different.

To add the events on a 25Live Publisher Feed to your Outlook Calendar (desktop version):

  1. Identify a Publisher Calendar to Send to Outlook.
    1. Choose a Publisher calendar to send to Outlook.  If you don't have a Publisher calendar, see the Publisher Overview document concerning how to build a calendar using 25Live Pro and 25Live Publisher.
    2. Open the URL of the calendar in your browser to review the calendar.


      Sample Calendar View

  2. Identify the ICS Feed URL.
    1. Add .ics to the end of the 25Live Publisher calendar URL to access the ICS feed.


    2. Make note of this URL for use later.
  3. Open Outlook Calendar and Add a Calendar.
    1. Open your Outlook application and select the Calendar function.

      Subscribe from Web Dialog Box

    2. From the Outlook menu bar, ensure the Home ribbon is selected.
    3. Find and click the Open Calendar icon.  A drop-down menu will appear.
    4. Select From Internet . . .
    5. Enter the URL from step 2 above and click OK.
    6. At the next window, review the options and click Yes when ready.

After you complete the steps, your calendar name will appear in the calendar list in the left panel as show in the following example and your events will now successfully populate the Outlook calendar.

Subscribed Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 365

Other Options

In addition to the ICS feed, there is an RSS Feed, an Atom XML feed, and a JSON Feed for each 25Live Publisher calendar.

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