Deleting Exams In LYNX

LYNX provides the ability to delete exams in bulk without searching for them in 25Live. This is particularly useful when exams are created as separate meeting patterns (also known as "profiles" or "segments") instead of separate events.

There are two options for deleting exams in LYNX described below:

  • Deleting exams that are part of a given extract set
  • Deleting exams that don't belong to any extract sets

Exam deletion is available via both methods whether the exams were created in LYNX or imported from the SIS.

Automatic Exam Cancellation

LYNX treats an exam as cancelled if its corresponding section is cancelled in the SIS. Depending on your LYNX Settings - General, this may automatically delete the exam in 25Live without further action required on your part.

Deleting Exams From an Extract Set

This is the best method to delete exams if you plan on adding them back to 25Live at some point in the future.

One common reason you might want to do this is to delete exams imported as separate events and re-create them as extra meeting patterns on the original sections, or vice versa.

  1. From the LYNX Utilities menu, choose Exam Creation or Exam Import/Export.
  2. On the Extract Sets page, select an extract set, then click Review and Process.
  3. Examine the list of exams to make sure they're the ones you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete Exams in 25Live.
  5. Click Yes to confirm.

Image: Select an extract set and follow directions to delete exams.

Using the Clean-Up Process

This method uses the "Cleaning Up" 25Live function. It is best used when you don't want exams in 25Live at all anymore, or you want exams out of the way while you significantly rework your exam scheduling process.

As described on the page for Deleting and Archiving Extract Sets, the Clean Up 25Live process is designed to delete events from 25Live when they no longer belong. An event "belongs" in 25Live if it is part of an extract set, so removing the extract set will make LYNX believe that its contents should be removed.

First delete the extract set(s) containing the exams you wish to delete, then follow the instructions below.

  1. From the LYNX Utilities menu, choose Clean Up 25Live.
  2. Select the deletion type you want. (You may not see all of the options described above, depending on your LYNX configurations.)
    Image: Select deletion type.
  3. Click the Load button.
  4. Click Edit (pencil icon), select the term(s) you want to be included in the mass deletion, then click Done.
    Image: Select the terms you want to be included in the mass deletion.
  5. (Optional) If you want to search for a subset of sections or exams in the selected term(s), enter a partial or full section or exam name.
  6. Click Search to view the sections or exams that will be deleted.
  7. Click the Delete Events in 25Live button.