Customizing Text Content in Eval25

You can use Eval25 configuration tools to customize the following text content in messages displayed to students, instructors, and academic administrators:

  • Home page greetings and instructions for at students who have or have not completed their evaluations
  • Report disclaimer 
  • Success message for evaluation completion
  • Summary Reports Information
  • Default email text for instructors to use in their reminder emails
  • Message to unrecognized users
  • Log out page message
  • Content of comment redaction removal and redaction retention emails
  • Text for declining a survey
  • The decline survey URL

examples on a text content pageImage: Text Content page under the Configuration tab.

Editing the System Message Text

1. Open the Text Content Page 

Text Content is located under the Configuration tab.

2. Edit or Add Message Text

Click inside a text box to make edits. 

You can use variables (for example, #FULL_NAME#) and basic HTML markup here. Click the Show Valid Replacements link to the right of the message to see the valid variables.

3. Save

Note: Examples

To see examples of each of the Text Content boxes, and information on where they appear in Eval25, please see Text Content Boxes