Crosslisted and Combined Classes in LYNX

All SIS types have the ability to designate sections as cross-listed (or "combined" in some systems). Campus Solutions and schools using the Universal LYNX version can also combine exams this way.

Cross-listed classes require no additional configuration in LYNX to be bound in 25Live. LYNX automatically detects this relationship and applies the smart binding process to create bindings between the appropriate meeting patterns.

Warning: Co-Located Sections in Workday

The Workday equivalent of this functionality is called "co-location section relationships". Due to the nature of the connection between LYNX and Workday, these relationships are overwritten and lost when data is exported back into Workday.

To ensure bindings are preserved in 25Live, CollegeNET recommends that Workday users create and maintain bound groups of sections instead.

Setting the Primary Reservation

Campus Solutions schools have the ability to specify which reservation is primary in a group of cross-listed or combined sections. For other SIS types, this is determined by the order in which sections are imported and cannot be configured manually except by using the manage event bindings menu option in 25Live.

To specify the primary reservation in a combined group, follow these steps:

  1. Find the CRN of the section which should be primary.
  2. On the Combined Sections Table, type the CRN in the "short description" field.

Image: Enter the CRN for the primary section in the Combined Sections Table.