Cross-List Field Warning Message in Eval25

Please be aware that despite the warning message, your data was successfully updated.

The Eval25 upload process employs a "postqc" process that locates cross-listing field issues and alerts you to issues following the upload. This check only looks at courses in the file and only at the courses for the sessions being uploaded.

When your upload file contains a cross-list field that does not match a corresponding cross-listed course for the sessions being uploaded, you will receive this warning message:

The following courses contain cross-list values. Matching cross-list values were not found in this file's other courses.

This warning is likely to occur when:

  • You upload your data each session but there are cross-listed courses across sessions
  • Only one course for this upload has the listed combined section, while the other courses with that combined section are in sessions and already loaded into the database 


A course with a value in the cross-list field cannot be cross-listed using the Registration tool. The system will incorrectly consider that course as one that is already cross-listed.