Survey Categories and Questions in Eval25

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Surveys are composed of categories containing questions. Both categories and questions will be supplied by you, so be sure that they meet your needs.

Add a Category to a Survey

1. Within the Survey tab, Select a Survey From the List

2. From the Edit tab, Click the Add Category Button 

Add category buttonImage: Add Category button below the question section of the Edit tab.

3. Enter a Category Title

I.e. "Facilities Survey" or "Environmental Survey".

4. Enter a Description of the Survey

5. Enter a Category Abbreviation

The abbreviation is shown only on survey reports.

Category fields on the Edit tabImage: New Category fields.

6. Click Create

Add a Question to a Survey

1. From the Edit tab, Click the Add Question 

Here, you will build the first question for the category.

  • A category can contain an unlimited number of questions. 
  • Questions are added to a category one at a time.

If you do not see the Add Question button, you may need to hover over an existing question OR hover over the "No questions in this category" text to display the button.

Depending upon the question type selected from Report As, the options and fields change for question creation.

  • Quantitative - Participant provides an integer-based answer from a sliding scale
  • Select One - Participant chooses from answers you provide
  • Select Many - Participant chooses from several possible answers that you provide
  • Written (Short) - Participant enters a short written answer of their own
  • Written (Long) - Participant enters a longer written answer of their own
  • Video - Participant uploads video answers

Question formImage: Enter the question criteria and define the answers using the form.


As you enter Category questions, you’ll see they are bordered by a dotted line containing an up/down arrow in the top left corner, and an X in the top right corner. The arrows can be clicked to move or drag questions to suit the order you need in the survey. Click the X to delete the question. 

2. Click Create to add the Question to the Survey

Require Questions 

Responders cannot submit a survey until they have responded to all questions designated as required. To require a question...

  • Click on a question from the survey's Edit tab
  • In the Validation field, select Required from the Add Rule dropdown