Creating Repeating Events With the Event Form

Security Note

System security determines whether you can create or request events. Contact your system administrator if you're unable to perform functions you think should be available to you. In addition, your event creation environment may not include all the event state options mentioned below, depending on how 25Live has been set up for your security group.

A repeating event is an event with multiple occurrences. You may specify occurrences as a pattern (for example, daily, weekly, or monthly) or as ad hoc (random) selections.

Tip: Adding Help for Repeating Events

Administrators can add special instructions for repeating events and other fields using the event form configurations available in System Settings.

To Create a Repeating Event

1. Open the Event Form

Use the Event Form link in the top navigation bar of 25Live and fill out the required fields that precede the event repeat section. See Creating Events for more detail.

2. Choose the Type of Repeat or Choose Dates for Ad Hoc Repeats

After choosing your event's Start Date and Time, use the Repeating Pattern button to open the Pattern Picker.

Tip: Ad Hoc Events Are Event Easier

If you are scheduling an event with ad hoc (or random) repeats, simply tap or click on dates on the calendar to add dates. You can also add additional occurrence dates to an event pattern by clicking or tapping on dates.

Selecting calendar dates to add and remove occurrencesAnimation: Click on calendar dates to add additional ad hoc occurrences to the pattern.

You can remove any date by clicking on it again and using the Remove Occurrence button.

Drop-down menu of repeat patternsImage: The drop-down menu contains all patterned repeat choices.

Open the dropdown menu to choose the type of repeat for your event, Does Not Repeat, Ad hoc, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Choosing the Does Not Repeat option will remove all previously selected or defined occurrences. 

3. Complete Repeat Options (If Using a Pattern)

Complete options that appear for your chosen repeat pattern type.

Repeat pattern option examplesImages: There are three types of repeat patterns available, each with options to complete.

4. Use the Select Pattern Button to Save

Selecting occurrence patterns in the Pattern PickerAnimation: Use the Select Pattern button to save and preview your repeat patterns options.

The Select Pattern button saves your pattern options and highlights them on the calendar. All the occurrence dates for your repeating event are available to view as a list using the Manage Occurrences button below the calendar. You can use this list to remove any occurrence or add additional details.

5. Finish the Event Creation Process

Tip: Editing Occurrences

You may change or edit any occurrences for the event by using the Manage Occurrences button below the calendar. Use the Remove Occurrence button to remove any occurrence in the list. You can use this list to mark individual occurrences as Active or Cancelled, add comments, add occurrences, or remove locations/resources. 

All date occurrences modalImage: A Location/Resource dropdown will appear if more than one of that object is attached to the event. Use the X button beside an object to remove it from the occurrence.

 Use the buttons—Include Only Missing Locations, Include Only Missing Resources, & View Included—to filter the occurrence list.

To finish creating your repeating event, complete the remaining fields, then save the event. See Creating Events for more information.