Creating Nested Searches

What is a Nested Search?

A nested search references a separate search as one of your parameters. For example, if you have multiple campuses, a location search that filters for all locations on one campus could be nested into an event search to find all of the events that occur on that campus. 

How to Create a Nested Search

Once you have a search in mind, you can nest that within another search. To do this...

  • Open the 25Live More menu, select Search 
  • In the Select Object dropdown, choose which type of search you'd like to nest an existing search...
    • Events
    • Locations
    • Organizations
    • Resources
  • Use the toggle to move from the Quick Search to Advanced
  • From the criteria, choose an option to nest your existing search. 
Note: Available Nested Search Options Will Depend on Which Object You Select
Event Search Nested Search OptionsLocations, Organizations, & Resources Nested Search Options
  • Assigned Resources > Resources (Via Search)
  • Events > Events (Via Search)
  • Events > Event Exclude (Via Search)
  • Organizations > Organization Searches
  • Assigned Locations > Locations (Via Search)
  • [Object] > [Object] (Via Search)
  • [Object] Assignment > Event (Via Search)

  • Make all additional search selections 
  • Save

For more information on Advanced Searching, see Advanced Searching for Events, Locations, Organizations, Resources, and Tasks.

Benefits of Using a Nested Search

There are a few main reasons why a nested search might be helpful:

  • Adding an existing search into a second search without having to rebuild it saves time. 
    • For example, you could use the Event Exclude option to quickly exclude events that come up in a separate search.
  • Typically, an advanced search (that isn't nested) allows you to use either the AND selector or the OR selector, but not both. Nesting searches allows you to use a combination of selectors, giving you many more search options.

    Example: Combining AND and OR Selectors

    This example uses two nested searches within a third search:

    Search 1: Select a specific location AND a custom attribute selection in an event search:

    Custom Attribute = Would you like 25Live to notify Facilities staff about your event room setup needs? is True
    Specific Location = BALLROOM
    Search where a custom attribute and specific location are selected
    Search 2: Select the same location AND a resource in an event search: 

    Specific Resource = Facilities
    Specific Location = BALLROOM

    Event search with a specific resource and location selected

    Search 3: Select both event searches, using an OR selector between the two

    Search 1
    Search 2Event search with two nested searches

    This tells the search to return all events where:
    EITHER an event has the BALLROOM Location assigned AND the user wants to notify Facilities staff about their setup needs
    OR an event has both the BALLROOM Location AND the Facilities resource assigned

Other Ways to Use a Nested Search

Here are some ways that nested searches could be used. 

  • Report on the facilities management services needed on a given day
    • Create a search that filters for facilities management resources and nest it in an event search
    • Use the Event Search in the Daily Operations or Daily Setup reports
  • Track which events are sponsored by student groups
    • Create an organization search that returns a Student category and nest it into an event search
    • Add occurrence date limitations
  • Sort Events by Campus
    • Create a location search that filters for all of a campus' spaces and nest it in an event search
  • See All Events of a Specific Type Within a Location
    • Create an event search that filters for a specific event type and nest it in a location search