Creating Event Searches for 25Live Publisher Calendars

25Live Publisher calendars are populated by searches, whether you want to publish a:

  • Static group of specific events
  • Dynamic search for events

Creating a search in 25Live is easy, but the recommended best practice is to create your search utilizing the "Publisher Seat" user in order to ensure your search is accessible for calendars. 

How To Create an Event Search to Populate a Publisher Calendar

1. Sign In or Masquerade as the Publisher User

Tip: Make Sure Your Instance Has a Publisher Account

If your institution hasn't created a publisher user account, see Building a Generic Publisher User Account.

If you have access to the username and password for the "Publisher Seat" account, sign into 25Live as that user. 

Section with settings to log in as another userImage: You can use the masquerade feature in 25Live to create Publisher searches.

Alternatively, if you are an administrator with access to the Masquerade feature, you can use it to act as the Publisher user when creating your search.

2. Determine the Type of Search You Need to Create

Search for Specific Events

Advanced search using wildcard characterImage: Using advanced search options help you create a more targeted search.

If publishing a set group of specific events, use: construct a search that will find only the events you want to publish.

A Dynamic Search for Events

When you want to publish a stream of dynamically selected events based on search criteria, you can use advanced search options or SeriesQL.

Determining How to Include Events on Calendars
If You Want...
Then, Create Your Search Using...

Custom Attributes
A calendar that requires workflow (approvals)

Event Requestors to be able to select the calendar to publish (or not publish) to

Schedulers to review events and determine what calendars they should be on

Events to be placed on calendars based on conditional elements on the Event Form


To learn best practices when creating a dynamic search for events, see Creating Effective Searches for 25Live Publisher Calendar Feeds Feeds. You will learn more about how to create these types of searches:

  • Event Search Based on a Single Calendar Event Category
  • Event Search Based on a Single Calendar Resource
  • Event Search Based on One or More Event Types
  • Event Search Based on Assigned Location(s)
  • Event Search Based on Sponsoring Organization
Tip: Setting Up Associated Workflows

To efficiently continue adding events to your calendar search feed, you can create an associated workflow and adjust event form configurations and master definitions to accommodate.

See this guide to 25Live Publisher Data Preparation.

3. Test & Send Your Event Search to 25Live Publisher

Event search resultsImage: Follow the steps in the related topic to send your search to a calendar.

Run your search to test that only the events you wish to include are in the search results. Then, follow the steps in the Sending Events to 25Live Publisher topic to complete the process.

Learn More About Types of Published Calendars

Our expert trainers have put together a guide to Understanding the Differences Between Top-Level and Mixed-In Calendars.

Person on video call with many peopleImage: Series trainers offer regular courses to learn more about Publisher.

If you would like more help using 25Live Publisher, take advantage of our Series25 course offerings.

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